Art by “Danny”

Dear all

It was raining all day today so I sat down with a couple of kids and did some drawing with them. The two pictures below are by a boy I’ll call “Danny”, who I interviewed and he told me he doesn’t think he’ll live beyond the age of 20 because of his past and people seeking revenge. I liked what he drew.

By "Danny"

By "Danny"

I also drew a couple. My mum has always had an artistic hand. I think the genes completely skipped me. Thank God I’m in Honduras and you can’t throw stones at me (then again, there might be Hondurans here reading this?!).

"The Ugly Lady" by Nick Rogers

"The Ugly Man" by Nick Rogers

Suffice to say, the kids were pissing themselves when they saw my artwork. I tried to kid myself into thinking they were jealous, and then I took a second look at my drawings and, yes, I agree with them. In fact, I have no idea why I’ve scribed my name to these insults to art.

Below I’m including a poem, again inspired by the girl called “O”. As I said yesterday, she’s back in Casa Alianza although I’ve not seen her since her return. The Spanish is below, and the English follows.

Dulce Niña
Yo pienso en ti, dulce niña,
Estoy muy preocupado por ti,
Las lágrimas de dolor que corría por sus mejillas
Fueron de un lugar oscuro y que sentía por ti.
Sus sonrisas me llenan de alegría,
Y su descaro me hace reír,
Hay un personaje más grande que uno se da cuenta,
Y su ser querido por la gente más de lo que piensa.
Por favor, recuerde esta
En sus momentos más oscuros;
Usted tiene mucho que ofrecer al mundo
Y pronto estos tristes días pasará.
Pero lo más importante,
Tiene que ser amable con usted mismo,
Manténgase a salvo, pero caminar con orgullo,
Y tratar de disfrutar de la vida, olvidar los recelos.
Sweet Child
I think of you, sweet child,
I’m very worried about you,
Those tears of pain that ran down your cheeks
Were from a dark place and I felt for you.
Your smiles fill with with joy,
And your cheekiness makes me laugh,
You have a character bigger than you realise,
And people love you more than you think.
Please remember this
In your darkest moments:
You have much to offer the world,
And soon these sad days will pass.
But what is most important
You have to be kind to yourself,
Stay safe and walk with pride,
And try to enjoy life, forget it’s misgivings.

About Nicholas Rogers

I am an English journalist/copywriter living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and I have been here since 2011. I originally came to work with Casa Alianza, which supports street kids and vulnerable youths. I then stayed on, after meeting Pamela Cruz Lozano, who calls me her adopted Catracho. I work freelance journalism and I have my own translation business. Why did I come here? For the challenge, to open my mind and get out of my comfort zone. I love literature and I've written a book with street kids. I write novels, short stories and poetry, all of which you will find on this blog, as well as a lot of information about Honduras. View all posts by Nicholas Rogers

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