Meteor in Honduras

Hi all,

Just to add on to my earlier blog update, I saw a meteor on Saturday night from Pam’s Aunty’s house. It looked like a firework. I thought it was at the time, as it looked green and colourful and sparkled and looked like a rocket. I found it a bit strange that the direction of the light was coming down from the sky rather than up from the ground, but I live in a country where people like to party quite a bit so you can forgive me for not thinking much of it at the time Only the next day was it confirmed that a meteor came down on the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. There was a big bang. I didn’t feel it in Tegus, but nonetheless, the paper said there was one and they never lie, do they?! Anyway, sarcasm over, it was interesting to see. I haven’t got a picture but I will include a video of a meteor shower below and you should google it if you don’t believe me. Go on. Do it. Dare ya!


About Nicholas Rogers

I am an English journalist/copywriter living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and I have been here since 2011. I originally came to work with Casa Alianza, which supports street kids and vulnerable youths. I then stayed on, after meeting Pamela Cruz Lozano, who calls me her adopted Catracho. I work freelance journalism and I have my own translation business. Why did I come here? For the challenge, to open my mind and get out of my comfort zone. I love literature and I've written a book with street kids. I write novels, short stories and poetry, all of which you will find on this blog, as well as a lot of information about Honduras. View all posts by Nicholas Rogers

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