Refugee Council, West Midlands – Part three

Hi all,

I didn’t think there would be part three to this story, but as it’s real life, and real life doesn’t have a beginning, a middle and an end, I was a bit wrong to think it would stop after part two. It bodes well with all the stuff I’ve been reading about the Daily Mail trashing Ed Miliband’s father. However, it’s not really surprising, is it! The values of the paper scrape the values, being anti-migrant, anti-gay, anti-anything but Tory. The fact they are judgemental of anyone, especially of hating Britain, when the current Lord Rothermere’s father was a tax-dodger in France (a newspaper that is anti-Europe and, therefore, probably anti-French), and then his great grandfather lauded the Blackshirts; it’s not on really, is it! I remember studying the paper for a university assignment and I thought back then that it was just a long stream of bog-roll, that would just give your hole a great stinging pain if you used it for its one true use. The irony of it is that, it is quite funny to see the paper shaft itself up it’s own hole with it’s own shite stories. I applaud you Rothermere, well done. It’s just a surprise that the even greater majority of Britons are beginning to speak up of their disgust of the Daily Mail.

However, the Daily Mail would be quite pleased with the news that I heard today. In the last update, I told you that the Refugee Council lost the bidding of the West Midlands service. Well, it seems now that Refugee Council also lost out in other parts of the country, as did Refugee Council Wales and Scotland, Refugee Action and 39. Rumour has it that a small organisation called Migrant Help won the contract as it has strong links with G4S.

I enjoyed my years working for the RC and it’s very sad to hear that the whole organisation is in danger. I made good friends there, and I miss going down to Brixton still, and eating jerk chicken for lunch (I bet Daily Mail don’t approve of that!). The job that these organisations do is massive. I remember trying to cope with just the section 4 clients, and that was hard enough. It’s an emotional thing for me more than anything. And to see friends in danger of losing their job.

I’m going to sign off there with one of my Dad’s heroes, Bob Dylan. It’s a bit cliched, but it’s a song I like to listen to when I feel a little helpless and there are no answers to issues such as these, and no one seems to learn. It’s a song of rhetorics, but I like it.


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