Birthdays and weddings

Dear readers,

Just to let you know that updates on my blog might not be as frequent in the coming months. I’m going to be very busy with the ESPN blog. Yes, I am bragging about it. But more so, the first update that I did took a good six hours or so to write and research. When the World Cup begins, ESPN expect an update everyday. I’m also expecting a translation contract to come through soon, which will swallow an awful lot of my free time. On top of that, I have my job at Dowal which keeps me busy. Any updates on ESPN, I’ll include a link here.

Now for weddings. Not my own, but a couple who I’ve mentioned on my blog before. Jess Noe is a Honduran lass who I bumped into at the ICYE office when I was about to return to England back in December 2011, and she was about to go to England. Liverpool of all places. I remember her curiosity about the place and all her questions, but she seemed to fit into the Scouser swing of things like a hand to a glove, and she also met Carl Mottram, who she met while volunteering, and they fell in love. She then came back to Honduras to raise funds to return to her beloved in late 2013. Like me here, she’s had issues with immigration. I heard recently that she was coming to Honduras, not quite sure why at the time, only to see that the Catracha and the Scouser are now Mr. and Mrs. Mottram through pictures on Facebook. She’s now helping out with the Mottram’s family business, branching out to Lanzarote, somewhere in Spain that I’ve never made it to, but I’ve heard it’s very nice and she can utilise her Spanish. I want to congratulate the couple. It’s funny the directions that life takes us.


Today was my nephew’s birthday. Four years old. Time flies. Slow down life. I remember when he was due. I was in Amsterdam for Queens Day. Sober? What fo you think! As anyone who has been to Holland for Queens Day cam tell you, it’s not for the tender hearted (or recovering alcoholics, drug addicts or sexoholics). When I came back, Catherine was just about going into labour with the boy we all now know as Leo. Now he’s a super hero, biking, blond, Crowle hoodlum who is a joker and is all the rage with the girls in preschool. I want to wish him a happy birthday. I wish I was there to celebrate his super heroes party. I’ll be sure to see him in July. Just two months to go. Lots of love Leo!


Last but not least, mi vieja Pamela Cruz Lozano, who turns 30 I mean 27 years young tomorrow. She likes to make jokes about my age. But I won’t be doing the same. Not much anyway. Of course I have a gift for her and of course I’m not going to tell you what it is because she’s going to be reading this and she’s been asking what it is for the past three days and she needs to learn about patience now that she’s creeping into old age. Bless her. Te amo mucho.


By the way, we’ve found something that we don’t have in common; boleros (a genre of music). She loves them and thinks they are romantic. I hate them and think they are shite, over-sentimental noises. Especially those with orchestras and some eejit crooning with chip fat oil in his hair. It’s Pam’s birthday though. I’m gonna have to do something about this particular music taste. Not impressed. So here’s some boleros. Just this once woman.

I want to include this video which has gone viral. A long poem with a positive explicit message about how using the social networks, we’re not actually being socialable at all and we’re actually missing out on all the natural wonders in life and possible life opportunities. I like it. Check it out.


About Nicholas Rogers

I am an English journalist/copywriter living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and I have been here since 2011. I originally came to work with Casa Alianza, which supports street kids and vulnerable youths. I then stayed on, after meeting Pamela Cruz Lozano, who calls me her adopted Catracho. I work freelance journalism and I have my own translation business. Why did I come here? For the challenge, to open my mind and get out of my comfort zone. I love literature and I've written a book with street kids. I write novels, short stories and poetry, all of which you will find on this blog, as well as a lot of information about Honduras. View all posts by Nicholas Rogers

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