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I love writing the ESPN blog for Honduras and I’m not looking forward to the day they are eventually knocked out. It was inevitable that Honduras would find it difficult but I expected them to put a performance together. I think, despite a few bad tackles, the media has over done the tackling. Thanks to Gerrard, a man who is known for putting in a few dirty challenges himself in a league full of rough tackling, he is one to talk! Hondurans like a physical game: it’s true! Playing five a side, elbows fly, challenges are late, tempers fly, but to say they are dirty or violent is a tad unfair. Honduras’s reputation is not helped by Mexican journalists, who for a long time have had a chip on their shoulder with the CONCACAF cousins. One of those is Andre Marin, who repeatedly writes negative and slightly discriminatory comments about Honduras on Twitter. I have a feeling he is just winding people up. If not, he really does have a chip on his shoulder about Honduras. I would have loved to have seen his face when Honduras beat Mexico in the Azteca. This is one of his tweets.


The reply by the Honduran journalist is amusing. Allow me to translate:

Andres Marin: “For performances like Honduras, in the world thinks the Concacaf is rubbish”

Just a reminder that Honduras finished above Mexico in the qualifiers. Mexico might have gotten off to a better start in the World Cup, but their first game was against a poor Cameroon side that up to just a couple of weeks ago was on strike! In fact, the only two things the country has in common with Honduras’s opposition France is that they speak French and they strike a lot. France were very good. Had Mexico of played, a would have predicted a similar scoreline. To Mexicans reading, this is not a slight on your nation: just a knock at Andres Marin. Talking of knocks at Andres Marin, Honduras journalist Luis Bastillo from the newspaper Diario Diez returned with this:

Luis Bastillo: “For comments like this is that they think that the Mexican sports journalism is rubbish”

Another funny text message doing the rounds was about President Juan Orlando editing out the fifth verse of the Honduran national anthem that pays homage to the French.


Here’s another funny photo to do with the England. I’ve heard the English press has been a bit critical of Wayne Rooney. A tad unfair. Enjoy the picture.


Here’s a final photo that I found doing the rounds on the social media, which has little to do with football, but it is funny to look at. I thought you all might appreciate this.


No more monkeying around, here is the real reason that you came to the blog, for the ESPN entry.


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