Tour de Reino Unido – parte cuatro

Dear readers,

Monday 7th July 2014 continued

As stated in the last update, Joshua took a day out of his own schedule to show us the delights of Miami, after dropping his beloved at the airport to fly to Puerto Rico. We drove past the little island where the rich and famous live. We saw cruise ships that were cities on a boat. We had funny conversations about a famous clothes designer who married a cat, and what would happen if the cat wanted to hump another cat? Is it infidelity? Does a cat really understand that? What about marriage counselling? Communication in a relationship is a key ingredient, is it not? There was someone who married a tree. I love the environment and animals and stuff, but what kind of idiot marries a tree? I’m an open minded person most the time, but I do have a limit. How we got talking on such subjects, I don’t know.

We ended up on South Beach. I have heard about this beach but I knew little about it. The sidewalks were filled with people, some of them wore more plastic on their chests and face that a Barbie doll would be envious of. The cars were flash, the food was expensive, but the art deco buildings were impressive. Pamela and I struggled with the intrusive heat; it resembles San Pedro Sula quite a bit. I imagine the structure of SPS was based on Miami. The similarities are uncanny.

Pamela’s eyes lit up when she saw Versace’s house. As you can imagine, it was ridiculously over done and as camp as Christmas. Marble and parm trees and big gates and tourists outside getting their picture. It’s kind of a strange tourist spot, especially considering he was killed close by. The house is a resturant now, I think, or hotel. Out of my personal price range (or taste) but the luxury of it all is quite something.


We then went for a walk on the beach. On the way we passed a film set and Joshua recognised a famous comedy actor that I didn’t know at the time and I can’t remember the name of now. Apparently he is black. That’s all I know. The sea didn’t look the cleanest, but I don’t think the sand was either, especially after we saw a guy having his way with it in broad daylight. Pam and Joshua noted his peculiar movements in the sand. I didn’t realise until I was standing pretty much over him. He kind of gave me an embarrassed scowl as we walked away wondering if we’d really just seen what we had seen.

We had lunch at Five Guys, just off the road aligning the beach. I’d never hear of this eatery before, and I was kind of surprised to see it in Brum. The portions were big and American. The funniest thing that happened there was on the way out when Joshua grabbed a bag of peanuts, and a teenage girl who obviously took a shine to Joshua said, “My gosh, they’re big nuts, aren’t they?” to which Joshua responded, “Yes. Yes, they are”, cue awkward moment. We then left South Beach, none of us likely to return soon, to the bohemian district.


I didn’t really know what to expect from Miami’s art district. It seemed to be full of old warehouses turned into studios. It wasn’t really lively, but Josh explained it was Monday afternoon. Saturday is apparently a different story. We stopped at one place to get a drink, which turned out to be a bad idea as it was so overpriced. I like organic foods, but not at $15 a glass. The murals were cool though.




There was also cool pavement art.



We then took a ride down 8th Street, which the famous Latin neighbourhood. Restaurants and cafes and general stores aligned the streets, many from Honduras, some Cuban, some Puerto Rican, some from just about everywhere in Latin America, all with Spanish names. Men sat on street corners playing chess and backgammon. It kind of reminded me of Sparkhill in Brum, which is more Indian and Pakistaní for those not in the know.

We then returned home via an alcohol superstore. Joshua is part Polish. I told him about a really nice vodka that I tried at my friend Flo’s wedding, a Polish wedding, three hours from Warsaw. It is a verbed vodka called Żubrówka, which has bison grass and it is drunk with apple juice. It was a little present from Pamela and I to the great man himself.

When we returned to the house, it was time to check in online. However, there was a problem. I put my details into the webpage and it kept saying that we could only check in 24 hours before. I looked at the ticket again and it confirmed we were flying on Wednesday, not the Tuesday. That made us feel more than a bit stupid in the presence of Joshua who giggled himself rotten. Luckily enough he was going to be around for a day longer, so we could still stay at his. Telling my parents wasn’t fun. They had booked doctor and optician appointments. Silly us.


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