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Dear readers,

I want to apologize for not doing any updates in the last week or so. I’ve been occupied by lots of work, a cold and questioning where I am going in life career-wise. I suppose we need these moments to analyze at ourselves, dust ourselves down and see what we’re doing wrong to put things right. Career: no offense to where I work, but I feel a bit stalled (I know I’m worth more than the job and salary that I currently have). Maybe it’s the thought that I’m nearly 35 years old and I’m fed up of feeling broke. I do my best to be an inspiration to others, but it’s not always easy when you don’t feel inspired. Therefore, one most do something about it.

Nevertheless, I will continue with the Tour de Reino Unido series soon.

Someone who has changed their life, or someone who had to change their life in a tragic car accident, is my friend Vera. I have talked about what happened to her before. I don’t know her amazingly well, but she made me laugh in the couple of times we have bumped into each other.

Yesterday was four months to the day that the incident that changed her life took place. The doctor’s forecast was not great (you will see below in the following text), but through her personality, which is very much a force of nature, and God’s will, the future is looking so much brighter.

She posted this update on Facebook yesterday, a truly inspiring speech if anyone needed one (and I would count myself as one of those). Even if you are no religious, you cannot help but be moved. Faith in yourself and God is still something I’m learning. Many speeches go through one ear and out the other, but when it’s someone you know, the words obviously hold more weight and meaning. I hope it inspires you.

Vera’s speech, in English and Spanish:

4 months. 4 months today since my greatest challenge, hardest hit and rebirth.
4 months ago doctors’ diagnose:
– Possible death, will remain in the hospital at least 6 months, won’t be able to walk again, won’t be able to see with the right eye, total dependency on others to perform tasks.
4 months later reality:
– Still alive, currently living at a house, walking everywhere I can (or that I’m allowed), climbing stairs and possibly running soon, still double vision but able to see, writing this status on my own without anyone’s help to sit in front of this computer nor anything else.
4 months later lessons learned:
1) I will not bow down to fear.
2) I live by God’s promises and not by His explanations.
3) Faith may move mountains, but prayer moves God.
4) Whatever it is: “Don’t look down”.
5) Don’t spend your life trying to keep a whole bunch of people happy that don’t care one bit rather you’re happy or not.
6) What you do with your life will be remembered not just on Earth but also in eternity.
7) I only have 2 options in life:
a) I remain down living a miserable rest of my life
b) I raise and shine brighter than ever
….. I chose the second option…..
Thank you Lord.

4 meses. 4 meses hoy desde mi reto más grande, golpe más fuerte y nuevo nacimiento.
Diagnóstico médico hace 4 meses:
– Posible muerte, hospitalizada por 6 meses, no volver a caminar, perdida de visión en ojo derecho, dependencia total de otros para realizar cualquier actividad.
Realidad 4 meses después:
– Aún con vida, viviendo en un hogar no en un hospital, caminando hacia todo lugar que pueda (o me autoricen), subiendo gradas y posiblemente corriendo pronto, aún visión doble pero capaz de ver, escribiendo este mensaje sin ayuda de nadie al sentarme frente a esta computadora.
Lecciones aprendidas 4 meses después:
1) No voy a rendirme ante el miedo.
2) Vivo por las promesas de Dios, no por sus explicaciones.
3) La fé puede mover montañas pero la oración mueve a Dios.
4) Lo que sea: “No mires hacia abajo”.
5) No gastes tu vida tratando de mantener a muchas personas feliz, personas a las que no les importa ni un poco si tu eres feliz o no.
6) Lo que hagas en esta vida será recordado no solo en la Tierra si no tambien en la eternidad.
7) Solo tenemos 2 opciones en esta vida:
a) Nos quedamos tirados viviendo un resto de nuestras vidas miserablemente
b) Nos levantamos y brillamos como nunca antes.
…..Yo escogí la segunda opción….
Gracias Dios.


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