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Sorry I’ve not written in a while. Unfortunately I was made redundant from my job at Laureate International Universities last week and I’ve now a full-time occupation of finding a new job. A métier in a similar area I hope, but I guess many are looking for that perfect role. Disappointed, maybe, but postive and confident that another will come soon. More doors open if one composes themself with a driven attitude, which I have always tried to adopt. Now it’s more of time of not just trying to adopt but a need to have. One thing I’ve learned is not the unfortunate event itself, but how you react to it. I look back at times when I’ve stalled way too much in the face at what I thought was a disaster at the time. My wife and I pledged that we will not complain or moan and I shall move on and find something new. I wish not to wander in the state of procrastination. It’s very easy to do; think of all the wonderous things we might achieve if it weren’t for this destructive way of being, a downward spiral which isn’t always easy to climb back out of. I remember a Charles Dickens character in David Copperfield quoting the following:


It also ends with “collar him”, but I guess the illustrator who plagiarized this quote did not have enough space to Photoshop it on to the image due to the rather beautifully dangling vintage pocket watch. By the way, I was tinkering with including David Copperfield on this list of favourite books but I’ve yet to finish reading it (I started over two years ago, and as much as I like it, the slog doesn’t always make it enjoyable reading. I imagine most who have read a Dickens novel have felt the same).

Whether it’s the will or a test from God, the decision of a man or woman in a suit or just the torrid churning out of a recession, anger or misery solves nothing. One should try to see redundancy as an opportunity (if you can). It’s not easy. But moving on with a positive attitude will enable you to succeed, and I believe God favours the brave. To show that I bare no hard feelings, click on this link to see the online magazine that I co-managed in my role: Laureate Connect.

The day after I was made redundant, I made rambling vBlog on YouTube. It’s the first I’ve ever done. It made me extremely self-conscious. I created it to assist others who have been made redundant try to be more positivity, hoping my own postivity can be conducive to people who are struggling to deal with it. My situation is not as hard-hitting as it is for others. To gain confidence is a long process for many, but to be knocked down is quick and painful, so I propose that one should just see it as a hurdle on the road to success, and don’t stop running.
Here’s a link to the video (I’ve just seen that it’s had no views. Hahaha. Please forward it to people who you think could do with it).

As stated in a previous blog post, I have been reading a Maya Angelou, mainly due to the fact that my chosen 10 favourite books were written by white men and I felt the need to branch out somewhat. Maya seemed just the key. I have since finished reading “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” and I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t say it was a favourite. There were parts where I didn’t feel that into it or identified with her. I remember when she died and I wrote something about her on my blog, and a blog that lives with me today. I guess it’s just a little message from God, at a time in my life when I really need it, the way he often does.



About Nicholas Rogers

I am an English journalist/copywriter living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and I have been here since 2011. I originally came to work with Casa Alianza, which supports street kids and vulnerable youths. I then stayed on, after meeting Pamela Cruz Lozano, who calls me her adopted Catracho. I work freelance journalism and I have my own translation business. Why did I come here? For the challenge, to open my mind and get out of my comfort zone. I love literature and I've written a book with street kids. I write novels, short stories and poetry, all of which you will find on this blog, as well as a lot of information about Honduras. View all posts by Nicholas Rogers

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