Trump and Putin: A bizarre love affair or a bromance turned sour?

Dear readers,

A short post, although a confusing one. Because, as you can see from the title, the subject is a confusing affair.

Trump and Putin. What’s going on? Is it love, hate, or a power struggle to see who’s wearing the trousers? Or the biggest trousers? The more powerful trousers? Or the richest? You know there is depth to that relationship, but it’s one full very slippery red herrings that we’ll never get to the bottom of.

Putin is smart. We know that. Truth means everything to him, because he doesn’t want anyone to know it. He’s an expert at propaganda, chucking out smokescreens and various narratives to confuse the public. Many other governments do the same, you might say, yet you know Putin has turned it into an art form. For more insight, see this snippet from Adam Curtis about Putin – click here.

Trump has a similar method by rattling his Twitter rattle to distract the world while he gets on with dubious policies, such as demantling programs for immigrants like Dreamers. He has copied Putin’s smokescreen tactics, almost making the term fake news synonymous with Trump, which he has used to bat scandals out the arena. He can walk through walls, it seems; getting away with everything, almost an act of genius.

Be clear though, I don’t like it, nor them, but I found it ironic that the presidents of countries that were at each other during the Cold War had developed a bromance, it seemed.

It seems that Russia had some involvement in the US elections, handing quite a big favour to rumpy Trumpy, although it’s one we’ll never get to the bottom of, despite what the FBI and co publish. It certainly looked like Putin dropped his hat in the ring and Trump gladly picked it up; the first flirt in this courtship. However, you knew all along Putin had a card up some sleeve. What sleeve it was hard to say. Was it Putin at all? Oh, he loves a riddle, doesn’t he!

The relationship then hit the rocks last month. First when the US claimed Russia was breaking international agreements after Putin boasted about buying nukes. Then, the two countries had a bigger tiff when they began dispelling each other’s diplomats over the James Bond-like affair of Sergei Skripal, a double spy for the British who was poisoned along with his daughter using chemical weapons in the not so James Bond town of Salisbury in the southern regions of England. On second thoughts, it seems more John Le Carré or Agatha Christie than James Bond. Whether it was Russia remains to be seen, however.

This, obviously, left the relationship a little heated. Who slept on the sofa wasn’t disclosed, but it seems they weren’t speaking for a few days until Syria kicked off, when the US accused Russia of using chemical weapons on the city of Douma. Russia claimed it was fake news, but they have been backing Assad, and the Syrian leader is quite a fan of using chemical weapons on his enemies, and innocent people.

Russia then claimed they’d shoot down any US missiles coming for Syria. Trump, who broke the first rules of any relationship (and adult behaviour), by taking to social media to blow off about his domestics (and diplomatic relations); a daft thing to do, especially when the other half is Vladimir Putin. He began warning Russia “To get ready” for ‘smart’ missiles; on Twitter.

Like in all rocky relations (this one is been labelled Cold War part deux by the media), there’s always someone, usually a child, who gets caught in the middle. The child here is Syria (although it could increase to the majority of the world population if they start firing nukes at each other); neither country wants custody of Syria. No. They just want to blow it up and claim they’re doing bit to combat terrorism, and that’s the sickest thing about the affair. Two power houses want to flex their muscles while innocents die horribly.

What happens now? What do people think of this messy relationship? Are we edging towards another world war? How will it unravel? Is this all a mass exaggeration from the media? Or should we be more worried?

Leave your comments below.


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