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Honduran prisons and cut feet

Dear all

I wish you all very well. This will be a lot shorter update. I hope the title didn’t confuse you: don’t worry mum, I’m not locked up. I actually went with a kid to visit his dad in prison and to a dance competition in the youth detention centre. It was interesting experience being surrounded by convicted murderers. Then again, walking down some streets here you might come across a few unconvicted murderers, so in a way, the prison is probably the safest place. I do not want to tarnish all Hondurans with this brush though. I won’t speak about the child visiting the child visiting his dad too much because he’s very ashamed and he put a lot of faith in me to accompany him there. To write about it in detail would be quite disrespectful to him, I feel.

On Wednesday I played football in bare foot , which made a huge blister and burst. It took up half my left foot so I’ve been hobbling around the past couple of days. I also have a cold coming on, so expect me to feel sorry for myself in the next update. I didn’t get much sympathy from the street kids or the nurse at Casa Alianza for playing football in barefoot. They said my feet were too delicate, which took all my masculinity away, even though I have run a marathon in the past. I was called
‘tonto gringo’ (‘stupid gringo’) a few dozen times. Next time I play I’ll be wearing steel toe-caps to seek revenge.

I’m going to leave you with a song by a Mexican group by the name of Cafe Tecuba that I’ve grown to like. It’s rocky and funky. I hope you like it, and thanks for reading!