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My name isn’t El Catracho. This is the nickname given to the people of Honduras. I’m actually from Hall Green, Birmingham, and my name is Nick. For a number of reasons I had grown tired of the lifestyle in the UK and needed a new challenge, something new to chomp on, as well as a need support some of life’s more vulnerable souls; give something back, so to speak.

After a year of fundraising with ICYE UK, where I ran a marathon, held a poetry night, sold off many belongings I’d bought on a whim and received huge amounts of support from family and friends, in early January 2011, I set off to Honduras to spend the year helping street kids in Tegucigalpa for an organisation called Casa Alianza. Instead, I prolonged the year and ended up writing a book and meeting a girl who on 25th July 2015 became my wife. My interest in all things Catracho and Latin America grew. I have visited many crooks and crannies around this beautiful country, yet I still haven’t seen enough. The Catracho adventure is one for a life-time.

What am I?

I am a journalist, foremost. When I put pen to paper or poke my fingers at the keyboard keys, armed with a rich imagination and something essential to say, this is when I am at my happiest.

I am also a copywriter, blogger and proof-reader which I do on a freelance basis. I have written for various newspapers, magazines, e-zines, companies and NGOs, with ESPN and Laureate Connect being former clients. I also own Top Translations, a small translations business in Tegucigalpa.

I am a poet, novelist and short story writer and it’s something you will see on this site, as my concerns snd musings of the Catracho culture and politics. I love football and literature and I try to write it all with a sense of humour

January 2011



11 responses to “About me

  • Oscar M. Echenique

    Es un verdadero gusto caer en este blog. Estaré leyendo tus post.
    Live long and prosper.

  • Katrien

    I ran into your website through Google and absolutely loved it! I was working at Casa Alianza myself in 2003-2004 (also with ICYE) and it all sounds so familiar. Would love to read your book when it’s ready!

  • Katrien

    I did a lot of different things during that year, like helping the kids with their school work, making pulseras, teaching some english, taking the new ones to Comayagüela for the HIV test, etc.
    I saw a picture of Kevin on your blog. So good to see that he’s back at Casa Alianza. When I visited Honduras in 2009, the kids had told me he was back on the streets again, so I’m really happy that he is OK.
    When will your book be ready?

    • Nicholas Rogers

      I’m still editing it. it’s taking a while. Kevin has been in and out of different projects. He is a nice lad. He has a few demons he has to get rid of though.
      You’re lucky. Some of the staff didn’t let me do some of the things. They take to some volunteers and not to others. It can be very frustrating!
      Do you live in England now?

  • daniella

    I just read some of your blogs! I think I got a better update of Honduras from you than anything else. Glad you’re enjoying what you’re doing there down there!

  • Ana Lucía (Sofía?) Gómez

    I am not too fond of blogs in general, but you are quite a brilliant writer. I suppose you are right about Hondurans not liking to read much — could we say I am the vivid example of that?
    I will keep on reading though, and I am now curious about the book that was mentioned, although I didn’t catch the title of it. I must express my interest in acquiring it — it sounds very promising.

  • Juan Calderón

    Es acerca de tu comentario del video Saving Levy. Chanel Al Jazeera
    Podemos comunicarnos . Agradezco tu interés al mismo.
    Facebook Juan Calderón Cardoza
    Director AMENH

  • Sara

    Dear Nick,

    I am an immigration attorney in the States and I want you to know, I submitted some of your photos and blog posts as Country Conditions evidence in a recent asylum case. Your diligent writing throughout the years has helped 15-year-old receive a grant of asylum since it corroborated some of the story that was told in the case. I feel as though I should let you know how you have inadvertently helped our case, though I probably shouldn’t mention anything more specific, just in case. Thank you, and please accept an e-pat on the back.


    • Nicholas Rogers

      Dear Sara,
      I have just had an awful day and you don’t realise how much this has picked me up. I’m so pleased that this young person is able to start a new life, even if it’s inadvertently. We should also be praising your creativity and expertise for doing most the job moreso. Thank you so much for letting me know, Sara. It was very kind of you. I worked with aslym seekers in the UK, mainly from Afghanistan and Iraq, and I miss the type of work dearly.
      Good luck with other cases.
      Best regards,

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