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An Ode to Ian Duncan Smith

Dear all,

Something I wrote the other night on Facebook.

“How I urge Britons to take the streets. How I urge you, whether you are Labour, Tory, Green, SNP, UKIP or Welsh Union (this is beyond loyalty to a party) to show support for some of society’s most vulnerable folk. How I remind you that 4000 or more disabled people have died because of IDS’s actions. How I remind you that this man is unfit to make decisions like this and be in a position of such responsibility. How I remind you that people will continue dying if he continues. How I urge you to demand change, as no one needs to be this cruelly merciless against anyone, no matter what nonsense he makes about debts or long-term economic plans. I feel so helpless being so far away to do anything. How I have no lost hope that Westminster still has a conscious somewhere. How I have not lost hope that those higher in power remove this man from his position and reverse policies that he has made, although it being too late to save people who have already passed away that IDS is and will always be responsible for. Wishful thinking to many, maybe, but at least don’t show apathy, and show that Britons, no matter your race, status, spiritual belief, or political leaning, demand that IDS no longer represents you.”




Dear readers,

I know. I’ve not been online. Many changes have been taking place. I am now a proud married man to Pamela Cruz de Rogers, and I have also left Dowal School for a job that I am truly loving.

I will tell you more about my experiences. But today I just want to add my thoughts on what is happening at home with the Labour election and the rise of Corbyn Mania. I wrote the following paragraphs on Facebook this morning. A Honduran friend recommended that I wrote them in Spanish on my blog. I haven’t the time to translate them right now, but here are my thoughts on the British Establishment’s recent behaviour in the press, and how much it disgusts me. If you are the Establishment, whether you be Brown, Blair, Osborne or Cameron, please definitely read on.

“Like many, I’ve enjoyed seeing the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. One thing I have hated about it is the Establishment’s propaganda. It happened with the Scottish Referendum, and it’s happening here, too. Controlling people’s minds through the media isn’t anything new, but it does portray a dislike of anyone’s who goes against the Establishment’s way of thinking and threatens their power. In the UK, it highlight’s what we have known for some time, that New Labour is as in bed with it as the Tories. Corbyn, as far as I can see, is protecting the welfare of people and trying something not really communist at all. His Labour opposition attack him, bully him and patronise him. It seems the Establishment has a lot to lose from someone trying to do, again what I can see, is good.

Propaganda is used by left and right. It always will be. But the sheer force of it, using the cliched hypodermic needle model, distables what we call democracy, and it only highlight’s the rich elite’s dictatorial control over society, not just in the UK, but around the world. It imbalances what is fair in life, encouraging society to bully and ridicule; a somewhat evil role-model. If you control fear, blame and confusion with distorted facts and lies, you can manipulate almost everything, and that’s what people are getting sick and tired of, whether they be the cliched colour of red or blue, to represent certain ideals. It’s not a society I want to be part of, one that throws fear and hatred into every day to day topic. I don’t feel that I’m the only one, either.

I will give it its due, though; it’s run by very smart and intelligent folk, and it’s very hard to fight. How you fight it, God only knows. But it feels more Orwellian 1984 by the day.

One thing I ask everyone reading; vote where your heart is. Try, and I say try, not to listen or read to pish from so called experts. Just listen to policies. Because the moment they persuade you into tactical voting, it means you have doubt, and when you have doubt, they have won.

This isn’t an anarchist’s voice; just someone who is sick and tired of corruption of the elite.”