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Hi all

I might have added something about this before. I have recently been doing research for the book about Resistol and found a very good website about the HB Fuller, the company behind the toxic substance. For those not in the know, Resistol is the shoe glue that street kids sniff in Honduras. It kills their brain cells, destroys their lungs, gives them bronchitis, liver and kidney failure, and eventually kills them. The kids talked to me about how it destroyed their memory and feeling for hunger. But the ingrediant that gets them hooked is toluene. As you will read from the website that I included below, activists have been urging HB Fuller to add mustard oil to the glue, which causes nasal irritation and acts as a deterrant to the abusers. The company claim it would be a huge expense to themselves and it would affect the quality of the glue, but it seems they know that their product is often used for sniffing purposes, and they fear a huge drop in profits if the kids stopped using it. In the 90s, this company was making $1.1 billion in countries south of the Rio Grande, and over half the street kids used it.

Here is the website. It’s a bit dated, but very interesting. It’s a topic that is still very close to me. I remember going to the San Isidro market with Casa Alianza and being surrounded by dozens of half crazed kids who’d fallen victim to this drug, and basically throwing their life away. Meanwhile this company makes billions of dollars and does very little to highlight the health consequences of sniffing the stuff, and advertise it proudly at Honduras’ football stadiums. Just outside the stadium in Tegus is where a lot of young Resistol abusers inhale the glue. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. The thought I mean, not the glue.

I am also including a song by Stereophonics called Rewind. I’m not playing it for any reason more than that I just love the song.



Dear the world

There are a few reasons to celebrate in the last few days.

  • First, this is the 150th update of my blog! I can hear you all applauding me. Thank you. Much appreciated!
  • On Saturday, my young nephew celebrated his 2nd birthday. I bought Leo a Brio Red Locomotive which he seems to love, from a website that wasn’t Amazon because the cheeky feckers don’t pay taxes! The Photo below is not from his birthday but from a farmyard.



  • Hollande won the French election. Sarkozy: au revoir, merde face! It’s good to see a swing to the left in mainland Europe. You can only hope that he doesn’t cut services, becomes a success and inspires voters and politicians alike and start tackling the deficit in a more efficient way that doesn’t mean cutting the health system, like the imbecile college boys that run our country: David Cameron and George  Osborne. I never thought I would say this, but I feel very envious of the French! (Apart from once having Zidane, Henry and Cantona in their past squads – lucky b——ds!)

    Potentially a good leader


Proven s–t leaders

  • Last but not least, my beautiful and adorable girlfriend Pamela Cruz Lozano became a quarter of a century old, which officially makes her ‘vieja’. If you don’t know what that means, look it up! She’s the best girlfriend in the world! Sos guys, she’s mine! If you have a girlfriend, she’s rubbish compared to mine!






Crossing Continents – A Death in Honduras

Hi all

Two friends of mine, Chris Kentish and Nigel Simons, pointed out a programme on Radio 4 today that was all about Honduras. It starts by talking about the free funeral service for the poor set up by the Mayor of Tegucigalpa. It then talks about the political problems, problems with gangs, the police and violence. It’s a sharp reminder about my experiences there, and hopefully, in August, I’ll be back.

Here is a copy of it on Iplayer. I’m not sure if it can be heard by people in other parts of the world. I hope it can.