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Arté de los niños en Casa Alianza – parte 6

Hi all

I think this should be the last of the drawings by the Casa Alianza kids. I hope that you have liked them. A big thank you to the kids is in order.






Arté de los niños en Casa Alianza – parte 5




Arté de los niños en Casa Alianza – parte 4


The Long Black Veil - One of my favourite songs



Un video

Arté de los niños de Casa Alianza – parté 3







Arté de los niños de Casa Alianza – parté 2

Y mas!




Arté de los niños de Casa Alianza

Hola locos!

I hope you are all well! I’m fine. Still struggling to understand why no one has employed me yet. I am obviously far better than the three million or whatever people who are unemployed. So if you have money and need some work: gimme a damn job!

I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would include some drawings by the kids in Casa Alianza. Finally I have got round to it. These pictures were drawn by the kids, with the help and influence of an artist friend, who volunteered/worked at Casa Alianza during the time I was there, called Jorge Oqueli. Some of these pictures will appear in the book I am currently editting, although it is taking longer than I expected.

It make take a few updates to publish all of them. Nonetheless, I hope you like them. For me, it goes to show that if you give these kids a chance, they can and will impress. It’s an output, to give them stimulus, give them hope, to help them vent the frustrations and forget about the punches that life has hit them with in the first 15 or whatever years of their lives. I don’t have their names, and some of them can be quite harrowing. But these pictures come directly from the minds and hands of the kids. Here they are. Gracias a los niños de Casa Alianza!